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Step by Step installation of System Center VMM 2016

Deployment of SCVMM 2016

Design Diagram:


  1. Installation of ADDS Role in a Server

  2. Promoting Server as DC

  3. SQL Server installation

  4. SCVMM installation on a server

  1. Installation of ADDS Role in a Server

  1. Open server manager

  2. Go to Add Roles and Features.

  1. You will get below wizard, Once you will click “Add roles and features”.

#1. Click on Next

#2. Select “Role-based or feature-based installation”

#3. Snapshot:

#4. Install below server roles:

#5. You may add “.Net Framework 3.5 Features” and click on next.

#6. Click Next and Finish once installation complete.

2. Promoting Server as DC

#a. Once you will install the ADDS Role, you can promote server as DC.

#b. You can click on “Promote this server to a domain controller” and you will get below wizard.

#1. Click on “Add a new forest”

#2. Specify a “Root domain name” and click on Next and you can provide the password for same and reconfirm same password.

Password: Password1

#3. You can ignore the below page and click on Next.

#4. You will get below wizard and it will automatically take Net Bios domain name. You need to click on Next

#5. If you want to change, Database, Log Folders and Sysvol folder path, you may change it. Otherwise, Please click on Next with default location.

#6. Please click on Next again.

#7. Once you will do Next, you will get below page and it will check for prerequisites to be install. If require, it will get list of all prerequisites.

Once all prerequisites will pass, you can continue for installation.

#8. Once installation will finish, it will ask for restart. You can restart the server.

3. SQL Server installation:

I have deployed a server named as SQLDB. I will run the SQL setup on same.

a. Please launch SQL Setup. Once you will launch, you will receive below

b. Go to installation tab, click on “New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation”

Once you will do same, you will get below page. It will ask for free edition or product key.

I am going with free edition as I don’t have product key.

c. Click on Next and accept the license terms and do click Next.

d. Once you will click Next, you will get below page:

So, please check if you want to get the update from MS or you can ignore it. Proceed for Next.

You can ignore below error as well as it due to internet connectivity error.

e. Once you will click next, you will get below page.

f. Click on Next, you will get below page wizard and select below options.

Do select below options:

g. Once you will click Next, You will get below wizard and provide the instance named if you want to provide any specific or either you can proceed with default instance.

h. you will get below wizard to setup service accounts while configuration. I am proceeding as default.

h. Once you will click Next, you will get below page to setup service account. I am proceeding as below.

i. Please use mixed mode as below and choose password as your own choice and proceed with below snapshots.

Finally, SQL Server setup now. Enjoy.

4. Installation of SCVMM server

a. Open a SCVMM setup and you will get below snapshot as you need to install VMM management server as well as console to manage same. So, select both check box.

b. Click on Next, Provide the information accordingly.

c. Click on Next, Select the license agreement.

d. Click on Next and you will get below page. Please continue with Next tab.

e. If you want to get an update, you may go ahead with “YES” option.

f. If you want to store the VMM installation files to specific path, you may go ahead as well.

I am going with default path.

  1. It will check for prerequisites and if require any, it will ask to fulfill those needs.

h. Once you will click next, you will get below page and connect with your SQL Database and provide credentials account which have DB rights.

g. Please fill the box as per below information.

h. It will ask you to create a new library or if you have any existing. You may also use same.

i. Click on next, it will proceed for installation.

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