• Rohit Anand

While replying to outlook meeting show up wrong date

Last week, I was troubleshooting one of the issue with user outlook meeting and took so long in resolution. I search a lot on google and dint find any solution. So, I am writing up as it will help others also and also it was not the big changes which I made on user outlook.

Issue Description: While doing reply/reply all in outlook meeting, it shows up wrong date.

If you will refer below snapshot Sent:(Timing) and compare it to my machine timing. Same was happening to end user outlook as well and timing was not reflecting correct.

Resolution Steps:

Step 1: In the Navigation Pane, right click the calendar, and select the Properties from the right-clicking menu.

Step 2: In the Calendar Properties dialog box, click the When posting to this folder, use: box, and specify the Ipm.Appointment from the drop down list on the General tab.

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