• Rohit Anand

Command to find out the license of O365 users using powershell

We used to get identify the O365 license of user from office365 admin center. There is also a way by which we can get it out using windows power shell. You only need to do below steps to get it export.

Step 1: Open "Microsoft Azure Active Directory for windows power shell"

Step 2: Connect to MSOL Service using below command


Step 3: Please use below command to get it export for individual user.

Get-MsolUser -UserprincipalName anand-r@****.com | Select DisplayName,Userprincipalname,islicensed,{$_.Licenses.AccountSkuid}

If you want to get export license for bulk user in your organization, please use below command

Get-MsolUser -All | Select-Object DisplayName, UserprincipalName, islicensed, {$_.Licenses.AccountSkuid} | Export-csv "ExportPath"

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