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Exchange Server 2016 Installation - Step by Step on windows server 2016

Installing exchange 2016 step by step on Windows Server 2016.

Before Exchange 2016 Install – Go through the Minimum system requirements below

You can Download the Exchange Server 2016 CU8 Setup using the below Link

Step 1:

Installing Prerequisites for Exchange Server Installation.

Install the Below Feature which install the Remote Tools Administration Pack.

Open Windows PowerShell

Install-WindowsFeature RSAT-ADDS

Now, We will install required roles.

Open windows PowerShell.

Please run below Command:

Windows will advice not to restart, Will suggest to go by restart of your server once.

.Net Framework 4.5 and higher is required for Exchange Server 2016 Installation. You may check the status by using below command:

To finish with pre-requisites, you must download and install Unified Communications Managed API 4.0 Runtime

Click Next to finish installation.

Step 2:

Prepare Schema and AD

Once you prepared windows server with Exchange Server 2016 prerequisites, you may proceed with "Prepare Schema" switch.

Please mount the Exchange Server 2016 setup files, Open the Windows PowerShell and navigate to setup file location

To continue with Prepare AD switch, Schema update must be completed as per above snapshot.

The final step to get Active Directory ready for Exchange is to prepare each of the Active Directory domains where Exchange will be installed.

Note: If you have more than one domain, you can replace the PrepareDomain parameter with PrepareAllDomains parameter.

Step 3:

Once you will done with Step 1 and Step 2, You can proceed for Exchange Server 2016 setup file installation.

Please follow below snapshot for same:

If you want to check any recent update, You can go with first circle box, or may proceed with second circle box.

Click Next for further steps

Select, "I accept the terms in the license agreement" in above snapshot, Click Next

Select, "Use recommended settings" in above snapshot, Click Next

The mailbox server role contains all the component required to run an exchange server 2016. In Exchange Server 2016, CAS and HT role merged to Mailbox server role. If you need an Edge Server, you can still install it in Exchange 2016 but that is not a mandatory role. At this step, it’s up to you.

Check box "Automatically install Windows Server roles and features that are required to install Exchange Server" and Click Next.

Once you will Click Next, It will do readiness check and will prompt at bottom section with an error if required any thing more.

Click Install, to proceed with installation.

Once setup will finish, Please reboot the server and you are good to go with Exchange 2016

Once server will reboot, Sign In to EAC

Enjoy :)

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