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Azure Stack Fundamentals (Series 04)

In this series of documentation, will be talking about core management services for Azure Stack. The core management services for Azure Stack is similar to an Azure.

Authorization Management Services:

Authorization and authentication play an important role in any solution. Azure Stack leverages the Azure authorization management services. As of now, Azure Stack supports three type of authentication mechanism.

  1. Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) : The Azure AD is a multi-tenant, cloud-based IAM service.

  2. On-premise Active Directory: As the complete Azure Stack environment runs in a dedicated Active Directory domain, this VM is the source for all Azure Pack internal authentications and authorizations.

  3. ADFS: Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS or AD FS), which provides one authentication and authorization model for Azure Stack. Specifically, if a deployment does not rely on Azure AD, there needs to be a feature to authenticate and authorize users from other Active Directory domains.

Subscriptions, Plans and Offers:

Azure Stack also has a concept of subscriptions, plans and offers like Azure. This makes easier for an administrator to manage cloud services on Azure.


It is an arrangement by which access granted to online services. It means the dedicated user is granted to access cloud services with username & password. The user can get it to enable by logging into Azure/Azure Stack Portal. Subscription linked to an offer which has sets of the plan on it.


Offers are groups of one or more plans that providers present to users to buy or subscribe to.


Plans are groupings of one or more services. As a provider, you can create plans to offer to your users. In turn, your users subscribe to your offers to use the plans and services they include.


A gallery is the marketplace which offer per subscription, which means it defines the virtual machines, web apps, websites, or other services that are part of the subscription. It defines which resources (ARM templates) will be available for deployments.


Events service in Azure Stack to provide the information about deployment and resources whether all services are running or whether there are issue. It kind of an event log which collect all the information about the resources. It's is one of the important services in Azure Stack.


As per the name, Monitoring service is used to monitor your resources in Azure Stack. Monitoring solution provides the overall status of your resources.


If you are planning to be on the cloud solution, you always have to keep eye on your billing management. Usage gives you the picture of how much your services are getting utilized in Azure Stack and based on that you can plan out your usage of services to gain profit.

Happy Learning and looking for your feedback here.

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