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Virtual Machines offering for Azure Stack Users

In this post, will learn how to create an offer that your AzureStack users can subscribe to. By subscribing offer users can consume the Azure Stack resources that an offer provides.

In AzureStack services get delivered to users using subscriptions, offers, and plans. AzureStack users can subscribe to multiple offers and offers can have multiple plans on it. Plans can have multiple services on it.

Create an Offer

Step 1: Login to https://adminportal.local.azurestack.external using your CloudAdmin credential.

Step 2: Select "Create a resources" --> "Offers + Plans" ---> "Offer"

Step 3: Once you Click Offer, it will take you to "New Offer" Page:

Please provide the Display Name for user offer --> then provide Resource Name --> then provide resource group --> Select Base Plan--> will take you to add plan on it.

Step 4: Once you select Base Plan, it will take you to the new blade to add plan on it. Select Add Plan:

Step 5: Once you will select Add, it will take you to "New Plan" section and provide the Display Name --> Resource Name --> and select services "Microsoft.Compute", "Microsoft.Network" and "Microsoft.Storage".

Step 6: In the "New Plan" section click on "Quota" --> will take you to Quota offering section as below:

Step 7: Click on "Microsoft.Storage (local) --> and offer a quota for Storage --> its depend on how much quota you wanted to offer for storage (Capacity planning) --> Just to show case demo, proceeding with default values.

Step 8: Once you will create it, you will get a notification as your Quota successfully created.

Step 9: We need to repeat the process for "Microsoft.Network (local)" & "Microsoft.Compute(local)

Step 10: In "New Plan", Select OK

Step 11: Once you will Click OK, it will create the plan and then under "Base Plans" --> Select the newly created plan --> click on Select --> at step 4 click on create.

Step 12: Once you will click Create, it will create the offer. Go to the offer--> Make the offer state as public (as soon as offer gets to create, it gets to create in the Private state, once you will make it public, it will be visible to Azure Stack users for subscription)

Add an Image

If you wanted to provision a virtual machine in AzureStack, you must require the images. You can add images of your choice, including Linux images from Azure Marketplace.

In AzureStack, there are two ways to add an image. For Connected Scenario & Disconnected Scenario. If you are operating in a connected scenario and if you have registered your Azure Stack instance with Azure, then you can download the Windows Server 2016 VM image from the Azure Marketplace.

Will cover in different post how to download the images in Connected & Disconnected Scenario.

Currently, I have downloaded the Windows Server 2016 images from Azure Marketplace.

Test the Offer

Step 1: Login to https://portal.local.azurestack.external/ with AzureStack user credentials.

Step 2: Go to the "Dashboard" --> Get a Subscription

Step 3: Once you click on subscription, will redirect you to the new blade to provide the "Display Name" for the subscription and choose the offer and create and will ask you to refresh the page as soon as you will click on Create.


Step 4: Go to "Create a resource" --> Compute --> Select downloaded Windows Server Image (Image download in AzureStack takes time).

Once you will select the Windows Server image, it will redirect you to a new page for virtual machine creation and provide all the details accordingly and click Ok.

Next step is to choose the Size of virtual machines. These are the default predefined AzureStack VM sizes and later if you wanted to offer custom VM sizes (you can offer) and if you wanted to offer bill for those virtual machines.

Once you select the VM size (based on your requirement), it will take you to configure settings for VM and process are remained same as Azure (https://portal.azure.com). I am proceeding with default values and click on Ok

At the next step, will show the status for validation passed with a summary and click ok.

once you click OK, it will show the status as "Deployment in Progress".

Step 5: Go to “All Services” --> Virtual Machines --> will redirect you to Virtual Machines page --> Click on recently created VM --> will redirect you to VM properties and Click on Connect.

Finally, your users are ready to use VM in Azure Stack. Happy Learning.

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